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5th of April 2021

Michael’s Story – One Man’s Experience as a Survivor of Domestic Violence

Trigger Warning/Content Warning: This survivor story contains details that could be triggering, including domestic violence, rape/sexual assault, gaslighting, and mental health. Michael had been in a relationship with his ex-wife Kara (not her real name) since they were in high school. However, she did not become abusive until they were both in their 20s. “We…

3rd of March 2020

In Her Words: DV Survivors Speak about Women They Honor

At Women’s Center & Shelter, we celebrate women every day. And March presents a particularly special reason to celebrate. Not only is it Women’s History (Herstory, if you will) Month, but March also features International Women’s Day on March 8th. For this special day, WC&S staff members and residents share in a lively midday party…

5th of February 2020

Teenagers Experience Dating Violence, Too. Do You Know the Signs?

‘Domestic abuse.’ Think about those words. Now, close your eyes for a moment. Picture the first image that came to mind. Did you see a fist? Or perhaps a bruised face? Maybe an inebriated, pot-bellied man in a dirty sleeveless shirt grabbing the arm of his wife as she struggles to escape his grasp? I…

24th of January 2020

January is Stalking Awareness Month: How Can You SPOT a Stalker?

Hey…you. After a long week, you decide to spend Friday night journaling at your favorite café while sipping earl grey. The cupcakes look decadent so you bend down to select the one in the back with the sprinkles. Cupcake in hand, you rise and turn and bump into the guy behind you. You apologize for…

23rd of December 2019

Meet our Children’s Support Staff: Kayla & Lily!

Domestic Violence Affects Children When it comes to domestic violence, children are often the forgotten victims. Whether or not the violence is taken out on children, simply witnessing it can have deep, lasting effects. In the US, more than 15 million children live in homes in which domestic violence has happened at least one time.…

7th of November 2019

Abuse or Homelessness: The Choice No Survivor Should Have to Make

Escaping a home where an abuser maintains control does not always equal freedom for women facing intimate partner violence (IPV). Often, it is a path directly to the streets. IPV is a proven cause of housing instability and homelessness for survivors and families.[1]  After enduring the trauma of abuse, a survivor may not have the…

28th of August 2019

A Day in the Life of a Child at Women’s Center & Shelter

“Mom seems really upset lately. I asked her what was wrong, and she didn’t answer me. She used to always greet me with a smile when I got back from school, which I never see anymore. I think she’s afraid of Dad; he always gets really angry when he’s around her. They always tell me…

29th of July 2019

Want to be a Corporate Volunteer? Here’s how!

Have you ever wanted to give your employees the chance to bond outside of the office? Have you wondered if there was a way to participate in team building while having employees do meaningful work? Do you and your employees want to make a difference in the communities where you live and work? Our corporate…

18th of June 2019

Abuse is Abuse: Recognizing Domestic Violence in LGBTQ+ Relationships

Abuse Still Happens in LGBTQ+ Relationships. Put yourself in the shoes of a victim of an abusive relationship. Imagine the feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness, fear, and desperation. Think about how it would feel to be trapped, yet too scared to ask for help to find a way out. What if people didn’t think your relationship…

14th of May 2019

How Seeking Help is Different for Refugees, Immigrants, and Limited-English Speakers

Imagine that you left your war-torn country for a better life for you and children. But now the war zone is re-established in your new home, and your husband is at the forefront. You plan to leave with your children in the middle night, trying to take only what is necessary. As you reach to…