WC&S Children's Program

A Day in the Life of a Child at Women’s Center & Shelter

“Mom seems really upset lately. I asked her what was wrong, and she didn’t answer me. She used to always greet me with a smile when I got back from school, which I never see anymore. I think she’s afraid of Dad; he always gets really angry when he’s around her. They always tell me to go up to my room but I can hear the yelling from there. Mom never seems to yell back and just listens. I want to ask and know what’s wrong, but Mom would never tell me. It’s hard to fall asleep sometimes; usually I’m worried that Mom is sad. Being at home makes me sad too, because I’m scared of all the yelling. I want to help Mom, but have no idea what to do.”

Domestic violence affects children, too. At Women’s Center & Shelter, the goal of our Children’s Program is to help children feel safe and explore their feelings in a positive environment. While the mothers are discussing housing, employment, and other pressing concerns, children are able to feel safe and cared for. The Program has many activities that promote physical, emotional, interpersonal, and social wellness for each child, all while giving them the  support they need to cope with trauma and heal in a steady and positive manner. Here at WC&S, we help children all the way from birth up to and including age seventeen (for young men). What are the different types of support we offer for the children?

WC&S Children's ProgramEmotional support

Children talking about the way they feel is instrumental in the recovery and moving forward from witnessing domestic abuse. Our Child Advocates provide daily check-ins with the children so they’re able to express how they’re feeling and receive the help and support they need. The children also receive information about domestic violence; however, all of the information is age-appropriate and provided to the children only at the right time. If extra counseling is needed, the children are referred to counseling resources to help them cope with their emotions. Some types of therapy we provide here at WC&S are music and writing therapy.

Academic support

On-site programming is offered before and after school through the Homeless Children’s Education Fund, to help make sure kids are performing to the best of their abilities. There is access to tutoring, reading programs, a Computer Learning Center at WC&S. We also offer a library full of books and school supplies for those who need them!

Interpersonal and Social support

To help the children socialize, have fun, and just be kids, we offer field trips and summer camps, letting kids build connections and friendships. In August, we host our annual Children’s Festival, as well as ongoing events scheduled with our partner organizations such as Lab Rats, Carnegie Museum, the Dreaming Pillow Project, and Beverly’s Birthdays. Volunteers at WC&S often host children’s parties, with games, arts and crafts, treats, and activities. Many of the activities include celebrating cultural diversity, which allows the children to recognize and embrace their diverse backgrounds!

Advocacy and Referrals

Many of our community partners allow for connections to medications, clothing, prescription eyeglasses, and other necessities. We offer contact with school advocacy services, and facilitate school enrollment and transportation. We also provide access to a pediatrician and dentist for children staying in Emergency Shelter.

“Mom seems so much happier now. There is no more yelling, so I can finally get a good night’s sleep. I saw her smile for the first time in forever; I missed her being happy. I was finally able to talk to someone and tell them how the entire situation at home made me feel. They understood how scary it was and taught me ways to make myself feel better. I still get to do all of my schoolwork, and get help from people when my homework is too hard. I have met some other kids here, and look forward to the fun field trips we get to go on together! Most importantly, I feel safe here at the Shelter, as does Mom, and we don’t have to live in fear anymore!”

Celebrating Survivors 2019: Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Sgt. Eric Kroll and the late Joyce McAneny to be Honored

Celebrating SurvivorsOur premier event is almost here!  Celebrating Survivors, will take place at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh the evening of Friday, April 26, 2019. Sponsored by UPMC Health Plan, this event celebrates survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV), remembers those who have lost their lives to IPV, and will honor Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Sergeant Eric Kroll and WC&S’ beloved former Legal Advocacy Manager, the late Joyce McAneny, with Ted Craig Humanitarian Awards.

“Having worked doggedly over the years to bring the Lethality Assessment Program and domestic violence training to the City of Pittsburgh Police, Sgt. Kroll and Joyce McAneny have both shown exemplary advocacy for survivors of intimate partner violence. Sgt. Kroll and Joyce have given so much; they are both truly deserving of this honor,” said Nicole Molinaro, President/CEO of Women’s Center & Shelter.

Known as one of the training experts within the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, Sgt. Kroll spearheaded the implementation of the Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) in the City of Pittsburgh. Police officers who are called to a home where intimate partner violence is suspected use the eleven-question lethality assessment with victims. If the officers determine a victim to have a high risk of being killed, they will connect the victim with WC&S while still at the scene. Working alongside law enforcement, the Office of the District Attorney, WC&S, and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence and others, Sgt. Kroll took the lead on developing the policy, the training curriculum, as well as the implementation of the LAP smartphone app. Driven by a family member’s experience with domestic violence (DV), Sgt. Eric Kroll has shown great compassion toward victims of DV and a steadfast dedication to addressing the issue as an officer within the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.

Joyce was an integral member of the team that implemented the Lethality Assessment Program here in the City of Pittsburgh, which will no doubt be a part of her lasting legacy. She also worked alongside Sgt. Kroll and members of the District Attorney’s Office to provide DV training at the local police academies. Throughout her 20 years at WC&S, Joyce provided court accompaniment and safety planning to thousands of domestic violence survivors and worked to strengthen the justice system’s response to domestic violence. She worked tirelessly with judges, court administrators, attorneys, probation officers, police, and others in the justice system so that victims were better supported and batterers held more accountable.

KDKA’s Lynne Hayes-Freeland is the emcee for the evening and Honorary Event Chairs are the mother/daughter teams of Pat Siger & Carli Siger and Barbara Jeremiah & Abigail Gardner. The evening includes catering by Rania’s Catering, entertainment by The Kevin Howard Band, a Silent Auction, Wine Grab, Mission Moment, and more!

Celebrating Survivors is held annually in the spring with all proceeds benefitting WC&S’ programs and services for adults experiencing IPV and their children.

This year’s event is now sold out, so if you didn’t get tickets yet, we hope to see you next year!

Adopt- A-Family: ‘Tis the Season for Giving the Gift of Empowerment!

The holiday season is full of love and joy. It’s a time to sit back, enjoy some hot chocolate, and feel cozy in a blanket while surrounded by your loved ones. Think back–do you remember a time when you received a special present? As a kid, maybe it was the toy Barbie doll, truck, stuffed animal, or board game you had been pleading for over the past few months. As a parent, maybe it was the joy of seeing your child’s face light up when they opened the present you searched for high and low. Adopt-A-Family!

Adopt a FamilyMany of us dream of our perfect holiday and perfect present; but, some have dreams of a different kind. For many women at Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, they arrive with just the clothes on their backs or what little they were able to grab while fleeing domestic violence. In addition, many survivors often don’t have the financial resources to buy presents and make the holiday season merry for themselves and their children due to financial abuse, which almost always exists in abusive relationships. This holiday season, WC&S is asking you to help us bring the simplest of joys to Shelter residents and non-resident clients through our Adopt-A-Family program!

Our goal is to support 400 women and children this holiday season. By participating in Adopt-A-Family, you’ll bring smiles to all of those beautiful faces!

It’s easy–all you need to do it follow three simple steps:

1. Purchase Gift Cards
You’re giving the gift of empowerment! Gift cards provide mothers with choices when shopping for their children. Recommended gift cards include Visa, Target, and Walmart.

 2. Complete the Donation Form
Filling out the donation form provides the necessary documentation for the donation. Along with the gift cards, please provide the name of the donor, organization/company, address, phone number, email address, and gift card amount(s).

 3. Send in the Gift Cards!
Mail the gift cards to:
Women’s Center & Shelter
Attn: Adopt-A-Family
P.O. Box 9024
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Are you ready to give back to others this holiday season? Ready, set, Adopt-A-Family!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jake Phillips by calling (412)687-8017 ext. 331 or
emailing phillipsj@wcspittsburgh.org.

Thank you and Happy Holidays from WC&S!